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The oil and gas industry are booming these days, mainly because of how profitable it has become. However, people who are looking to learn more about the industry find it difficult to do so. This might be the result of limited information you can get either from the internet or physical books.

That’s why I, Tom Henderson dedicated myself to providing internet users the chance to learn more about this profitable industry.

I have witnessed and contributed to several projects in the oil and gas industry. It’s not like other industries such as construction, agriculture, or manufacturing. That’s why many people have difficulty with learning about how the industry runs.

There are many sites out there that provide information, but often they’re too complicated for someone that have minimal to no experience about the oil and gas niche.

Newton Energy was developed as a platform to provide content to readers seeking for new information about the oil and gas industry.

This website also aims to bridge the gap between veterans and complete beginners on this industry by making the content easily understandable but deep enough so intermediate readers can find value.

After visiting this blog, you’ll find posts that provide information. You can use that information to either build your profitable oil and gas business or to just teach it to others.

You can also get the latest trends and news in the petroleum or oil industry when you subscribe to Newton Energy. Welcome to Newton Energy, trust us to keep you in the know of everything related to the world of energy.